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I was introduced to yoga a couple of years ago by Amazing Daughter.  I do not like doing yoga with Amazing Daughter anymore.  She has a young body and moves like I only wish I could.  After a session of yoga, she gets up and ready to move on.  I, on the other hand, ‘enjoy’ every single moment of the final resting pose.

However, I have found that yoga has been beneficial to me as a runner.  I look forward to my yoga days.  I no longer look at them as ‘easy’.  I always thought if I was not dripping in sweat, I was not doing anything good!  Enter Hatha Yoga.  I just added this a couple of weeks ago.  Who knew there was so many variations of yoga???  Everyone, but me!

I feel like a big girl in this yoga class doing big girl yoga.  It is like I graduated to the next grade level.  Pretty cool!  While I am no where near proficient, I know that I’m working towards a better me and being more toned.  I’m the one panting heavily in my flow.  The downward dog has nothing on me.  The best part when I finally pick myself off the mat, I feel good.  I feel like I did something.  I like that I have now expanded my workouts.  It is not all running.

With this in mind….. I cannot wait to hit the trail this afternoon!