This is my little girl.  Today this little girl turns 22.  I still remember putting her hair up in ponytails every morning before school knowing that by lunch they would be…. not ponytails.  I still remember sharing her first Nancy Drew book with her.  I still remember how one touch of that little hand made me want to burst.

She was a tomboy.  She loved hot wheel cars, digging in dirt, and history.  Funny how she still wants to dig in dirt and explore history!

Obviously, my little girl has turned into AMAZING Daughter several years ago.  I no longer have a say on her wardrobe.  We still share great books, and a smile from her still makes me want to burst!

Amazing Daughter has taught me so much over the years.  Each lesson has been a treasure.  Recently the lessons have been more heartfelt more about achieving your dreams even though you might have to take a different route.

Thank you, Amazing Daughter!  Enjoy YOUR day!