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At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to run four half marathons.  Actually it was to run one half marathon in each season.  I have successfully completed three this year.  Go me!  I knew going in that finding a ‘winter’ race was going to be difficult.  Boy, was I right!

I had two possible race for this last leg of my goal.  Each a trail race.  I was okay with that even though the one trail race I did do this year was my slowest time.  When I started making plans, something always came up.  Events that Hubby and I had already agreed to do months ago were on the same two weekends that each race is scheduled on.  I have been really bummed about this.  Decisions.  Be selfish and say sorry I have a race or do the right thing and honor our commitments.

Last night, I stopped wavering.  I made a decision.  We will honor our commitments and I will still run my half marathon.  What, you are thinking????  My half marathon will be for me.  It will be on my trail and it will have one entry…. ME!  There will not be water stations, Highway to Hell blaring at the start (why do they always play that song???), cheering crowds along the way or a t-shirt waiting for me.  Instead to accomplish my goal of running four races, I will stage my own half marathon on 1 December at 800 am.  I will of course be running with a time in mind but it will be a race for me to just enjoy the art of running.  Hubby even told me that if I meet my time goal he will buy me a t-shirt.  I might have to rethink the t-shirt thing though…. I have been eyeing a pair of black boots for awhile….

What seemed to be a really frustrating situation has actually turned out to be something I’m looking forward to.  I have stepped up my training with only one month to go before the big day.  YEA!!!!

Here’s to lemonade!

Enjoy your Tuesday!