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On Monday a started a new fitness class, abs and strength.  Oh boy, I am sore.  A very good sore!  My abs are killing me.  That was to be expected.

What was not to be expected, is that my outer thighs are just URGGGG……  What is up with that?

I do love trying something new physically.  I am excited to go back on Monday.  Building my core is crucial.  Not only will it help from a running point, but it will assist me in becoming a more physically fit person.  Isn’t t that the ultimate goal for us?   It is my long term goal.

We, females, all reach a point when our arms just jiggle a little to much.  So the strength, weighs, that we did on Monday was perfect.  I love that part.  I wanted to a lot of reps instead of taking it slow….  I finally got to the point where I would focus on the individual movement of each muscle.  Nice!

So as I switch to cardio the rest of the week, I will work through my soreness and get ready for more on Monday.  I will continue to scratch my head about my thighs!

Enjoy your day!