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Yes another one!!!  A friend of mine that loves running and has actually ran several marathons let me borrow this book!  I hate giving it back!

This was more than a book about running.  It was a book about how women have progressed since the late 1960s.  I just loved reading about the history of women and sports.  I was actually laughing as I was reading about why medical doctors and other ‘well informed’ men said women could not run long distances.  What a uterus is going to fall out????  Interesting….  I was also cracking up concerning the running attire that was worn.

However, I was just deeply transfixed on the women that were the groundbreakers in the field of running.  These women who ran sub 3 hour marathons.  The women that pushed for having a women’s marathon in the Olympics.  By the way, the first marathon ran in the Olympics occurred in 1984 in LA.  Kathrine Switzer was the driving force in getting that accomplished.

I found I could relate to her in a ‘running’ sense.  She called running her ‘secret weapon’.  It helped build her confidence, her self worth.  I was nodding my head as I was reading that.  If running is a weapon, than I am armed.  I am by no means anywhere in her league and never will be.  I’m SOOOOO okay with that.  But running is a decisive tool that I plan on never letting go of.  I want to be one of those ladies that at 80 are still running and even entering a race.

When I return this book to my friend today, we will chat about our insights.  She will try to convince me that I to can run a marathon.  I will simply smile and say at this time, I’m not ready.  Someday….. maybe…..