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When the season changes, there are certain things you have to adhere to.  For example, you do not wear white after Labor Day or before Easter.   I get that.  I grew up in the South.



This is my clock and temp from my car.  Yes, I leave for work at 545 in the morning.  Nothing like a quiet office to get some work done!  The number below it is the important number though.  It states that it is 35 degrees.

While some of you might think urgggg, it is already getting chilly.  I was thinking, GREAT it is time to pull out the boots.  I have a rule about wearing boots.  I will not wear them unless it going to be 55 or lower. I have to set limits, standards you might say.  I love wearing boots.  It is one of my favorite things about Fall and Winter.

With the mornings getting chilly, you know that the days will begin to invite all boot lovers to dust them off.   I for one cannot wait!