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Book clubs are a very tricky thing.  Striking a balance between socializing and discussing the book is difficult.  I was in a book club where reading the book was optional.  Soon I thought it was optional to attend, so I did not.

I will admit, I’m a book club snob.  I really enjoy reading.  I love finding new authors, literature to escape with. We are all busy people.  I do not want to waste time on a mediocre selection.  I want to be able to talk about that with people that have the same interests.  Not necessarily the same views, but the passion for literature that I have developed over the years.

When Amazing Daughter was in junior high we were in a Mother/Daughter book club.  The girls picked out a book and then the moms.  I have to say that it was just a fabulous experience!  I loved listening to these teenagers discuss the literary elements.  Pretty cool!!!

This year a few friends started a book club.  I was leery about getting involved.  Will I have enough time?  Are we going to actually discuss the book?  Those thoughts were running through my head.  I decided to commit.  I’m so glad I did!

Last night was our first meeting.



This was the first book on the docket.  It was a powerful tale about Turkey during World War 1, the rise of Ataturk, and how various cultures lived together in harmony.  The author also wrote Corelli’s Mandolin.  Have background knowledge of Turkish history was very helpful in digging deep into this book.  (We have a habit of researching the history, culture, etc of the places we visit before heading out on our adventure!)  Knowing that for hundreds of years that Armenians, Greeks, Turkish, Christians, Muslims lived side by side with acceptance served as a reminder of yes, it can happen.  Then you have the rise of Ataturk and his idealism of bringing patriotism to Turkey.  Was it right?  Was it wrong?  That was the question that we debated for a couple of hours last night.  I have to say it was fascinating listening to others as they presented their points of view!

I cannot wait for the next book to arrive in the mail!  Last night I do believe the perfect balance between literature and socializing was found!

Happy Thursday!