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Have you ever had signs that you know is blinking bright neon?  I am not very good at actually paying attention to those….

It has been a very rigorous couple of weeks. (Understatement…)  I thrive better in controlled well planned situations.  However, chaos is fun.  Especially when I can see what needs to be done.

Last Friday, I had a sign that I really need to just slow down.  Getting in my car, I am making sure I have everything- purse (check), chai (check), gym bag (check), phone (check).   Smile.  I’m happy.  However, with my mind already on work and my workout after school (yes, I love thinking about my workouts!), I did not put my phone in my purse….. I left it on the hood of my car….

So, I’m driving to work and suddenly hear a thump.  I actually thought I ran over something.  I pulled over to see if I hit some animal.  Nope.  I continue on to work when I suddenly realize that I cannot find my phone.  It takes all of two seconds to realize that the thump was my iPhone.  Sigh….  I guess that OtterBox was tested!

I was so angry at myself.  But I took it for what it meant.  S-L-O-W Down!  One thing at a time.

I will go and get another phone this week.  In the meantime, I just plan on soaking in life.  At work, I will work.  When I workout, I will workout.  When I’m at home, I will enjoy being surrounded by family, comfort, and love.  Keeping this in mind might save the next phone I purchase this week!