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It is race weekend!!!  I have been waiting since the 18th of July for Sunday.  I know that my training is about to pay off.  It is time…


Tomorrow I will drive up to Karlsruhe to pick up my bib and look around.  Then Sunday…race day.  The act of picking up your bib is fun in itself.  The organizers are just jolly people.  The runners are just milling around talking about anything but the race.  It is the relaxing part!


Usually when I run a half marathon, I always think 4 5Ks and a warm up.  However, this Sunday I’m will be using a different tactic.  I will be focused on every 30 minutes.  Where am I at.  This week has been a week of just great runs.  I have felt comfortable and relaxed.  I need to transfer that to Sunday!  I have to remember that at mile 3 and mile 10 I will be questioning life and that is okay.  The enjoyment factor will be high.  Yes, I’m excited!


Happy weekend everyone!