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I have fallen in love with this door.  It is a door off the beaten path in our village.  I just stand there and marvel at it.  The neighbors have looked out their windows at me.  Probably thinking I have lost a couple of marbles or am just lost.

The added pleasure of having a pair of old wooden shoes overlooking the walkway appeals to me.

Why you are asking are you smitten?  Well, it is simple really.  This door represents a time when you worked for everything.  Living by the sweat of your brow was not just a saying.  Life was difficult.  The pleasures small.  I have no desire to transplant myself.  I just have an appreciation.  I appreciate the sacrifices those pioneers made in advancing our society, but I also appreciate the amazing life we have now because of those sacrifices..

Yep, all from this door!  See, I never have problems occupying my time while I am out running!  Sometimes even I have a challenging time following my train of thought……

The simple things in life, got to love them!