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Here we are 10 days before my next half marathon.  This was a week of doubts.  A week of uncomfortable runs.  I spent a lot of time questioning myself.  I wondered why I was even out there. However, that is just me working through my nerves, my excitement.  I have been waiting for this to occur.  I am glad it has come.  Now I can move forward. Now I am ready for that final longish run and one 3 mile run this weekend.  This upcoming week will be about maintaining.

Comfort zones are just that, comfortable.  That is where I was this week.  I was getting greedy and wanting even more.  I pushed myself this week.  I like doing that.  I will not be carving 20 minutes off my time next Sunday.  Rome was not built in a day.  I know that I will be faster than my last race.  Baby steps.

Work will be distracting enough next week.  So this weekend will be about the joy of running.  The trail.  My smile will be wide and my feet happy.  The weather is so Fall!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!

Gig’em Aggies!