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As you know in less than 3 weeks I will be running my next half marathon.  I am pumped.  I am ready.  I am winding down my training.  I have been craving anything that has to do with endurance, mind over matter….



These are the last two books I have read….  What does they say about me???  Am I looking for a justification for my hobby?  I have always said that running is an addiction.  A good one.  I have learned a lot from reading these two men.  Not that I have any desire to do the things they have done, but I have learned that running/physically fitness and family are vital.  That you do not have to ‘an athlete’ to be a runner.  I skipped that phase!

As we head into another weekend, I am looking forward to some runs and time with my family.  That is a perfect combo!

Happy Weekend!