I have one pet peeve (okay, several), clutter.  It drives me bonkers.  Like rip hair out of head bonkers.

Here in Germany, recycling is second nature.   I do not have a problem with that.  I do not know if it is just here ( we have just been here a year) or if I just missed the boat in our other abode, but this is a major deal here.

First off, reading what can be recycled and how is like reading the IRS tax codes.  Example, plastic.  Plastic wrappers are to be separated from plastic containers.  Of course  you would not want to mix the plastic/paper containers (milk cartons) with any type of plastic.  Hard plastic objects such as broken bins have their own special place.  Yes, and that is just plastics!  I will not even begin with paper.

I am a somewhat intelligent person.  I have a masters.  But it has taken me a couple of months to wrap my head around this issue.  Mostly what it will look like for our house.  I had to find a solution that would decrease the clutter, but make recycling easy and functional for us.

This recycling thing is like a full time job!  Each city/village has there own recycling center.  Pretty cool if you ask me!  Now each week I proudly load my car up with our trash and are recycle away!

Not too bad!

i decided to be a little creative with our ‘system’.  We bought large garage cans and labelled them.





I could not just have ‘boring’ tags.  So far, the system is working.  However, I will continue to reassess and find out what works best.  The solution is one where clutter is no longer visible!