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Last week was a very busy and taxing time!!  A long weekend was just what the doctor ordered.  Each Saturday morning, the good ambassador of America that I am, I head to our town’s recycling center.  That is such a cool place, by the way!  Subject for another day. I go to dump our stuff that we accumulated during the week.  I always feel good going, besides the recycling bit, it is such a relief that Americans are not the only ones with a lot of trash!

As I was finishing sorting and dumping our glass bottles, someone laid these green jugs on top of the bins.  I thought, well….  I was not leaving until I could find out if this was for real. I s-l-o-w-l-y continued disposing of our bottles while keeping my eye on the jugs.   That person never came back.  Hot dogs!!!!!  I smiled thinking another person’s trash is someone else’ s treasure.  I loaded those bad boys in my glass bin and headed to my car.  I really did try not to smile.

A man followed me.  He asked, in German, where I found those and if I was taking all three.   In my fabulous Germenglish, I pointed to the glass section and yes, they were all coming home with me.  Then I smiled.  I might have even batted an eyelid or two…..

I could not wait to get them home!



Yes, I got them for free!!!!! An amazingly lucky find.  Even Hubby was impressed.   So many possibilities for these beauties.  I will have fun finding them a home!  Two large and one smaller.  Check out the shade when the light hit them.   I am a such a sucker for colored glass.



This was on one of the large ones.  Have no idea what it telling me.  I am just tickled they are mine!

Nice, right?