On Monday another school year began.  When I was a classroom teacher, I was just as excited as the students.  New clothes.  New book bags.  New lunch boxes.  The eagerness was so powerful.  I loved it.  I fed off it!

Now days, I get to watch it from afar.  Missing the conversations about summer and the cool folders they have in the backpacks. 

However, I still get to soak in the lessons they, the students-the customers-bring with them.  It is a reminder that we do get to start again.  That learning is something we should all do everyday.  We should approach life with anticipation. 

Routines are vital.  Our students learn this by the end of the week.  Perhaps that is what I most loved.  

Aw… The good ole days!  As the school doors swing wide open again, it is a time of renewal.     With Fall nipping at our ankles, it is easy to feel fresh and motivated!!!!

Happy Thursday!