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Wow!  Less than a month before the next half marathon.  Does not seem possible.

My goal is all about time this go around.  I have been doing a lot of weights and treadmill workouts.  I have been saving my long runs for the weekend.  That is when I can see if my training is helping with my speed.

I am feeling pretty good.  This past week was very hectic work wise and I did not get in all the gym time I needed.  However, things are starting to simmer down and my training can move forward.  The best part is I am having fun.  I am pushing myself both mentally and physically.  I like that.

This race is the first time that I am not concerned about finishing.  I know that will occur.  This time it is a mental game.  I am working just as hard mentally as I have been running.  Confidence is something I struggle with as a runner.  Confidence in the quality of running not with running itself.  For the longest time I would not call myself a runner.  I would just go and workout.  Runner has a such an important and powerful rIng to it.

So as I enter my last weeks of training, I am energized about the race and the possibilities.

Happy Monday!