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The heavens opened.  The stars aligned.

Whatever am I speaking of?????

Maybe I am the only one who has had this experience.  You are on a mission.  You have to run in to get one thing.  Time is short.  Then you see something that makes you stop, turn around, and head back.  Something that was not even on your list.  Something that you did not know that you needed.

That just occurred to me.  Not only did I come home with what I planned on, but I came home with these!!!



You know I needed them!   I am a lover of heels.  I love how they make you look.  I love how they make you feel.  I love the elegance of them.  Besides chocolate, shoes are my weakness.  However, since I am on my feet most of the day, they have to be comfortable.  I will try on a pair and walk around for awhile. I am sure that bothers the sales person.  But they are my feet!

When it comes to clothes and shoes, I go classic.  Think Talbots.

When I saw them, I reversed my direction and headed in to check them out.  Beautiful shoe.  Beautiful fit.  I am looking forward to wearing them next week.

That is happy!!