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Letting go is sometimes very difficult.

In our house, we have a habit of keeping things forever!  Past the expiration date, even (not food items, though).  That saying you get what you pay for is something we live by.

When we buy any electronics it is only done so after research and comparison shopping.  That has served us very well, I am glad to say.

With that said, it is still hard to depart with something you have had for a while.



Our dear friend.

Amazing daughter said she cannot remember us having another TV.  About a year ago after we moved into our humble adobe, our dear friend started sporting a small dot in the middle of the screen.  Since we do not watch a lot of TV, it was no big deal.

Not sure if our dear friend was screaming for more attention or what, but that small dot began to grow.  A little at first.  However, it was beginning to hamper our viewing pleasure!  Actually, it became a game to Hubby and I.  The dot became a character in all the movies we watched.  I thought about naming our dot.  I mentioned this to Hubby.  He did an eye roll.

Hubby said enough is enough.  He said we were grown ups.  We have jobs which will enable us to purchase a new one. He went off to research.  I on the other hand, just sat looking longingly at our dear friend.  Amazing Daughter laughed (she does not even own a TV set).

Well Hubby did it.  He has replaced our dear friend with a newer modern model.  It is slick.  It is compact.  I really am trying to be nice.  After all, it will be with us for a long time.  I do miss the dot though!



I will admit that our dear friend should have been put on a diet.  It was quite heavy as we removed it to the recycling center.

Our dear friend served us well…..