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As you know, on 22 September I will be running my next half marathon.  Only a little over a month away.  Very excited!!!

This week I have been focusing on speed.  I have been in the gym on the treadmill and lifting weights.   The weights are actually fun.  I have been focusing on my legs.  The treadmill has not been so much fun.   I do not like running on a treadmill.  Give me the outside any day!

However, I am hoping this focus will assist in my goal of decreasing my time.  After Paris in March, I become confident that I was ready to take this running to the next level.  My race in July was a mental challenge that I was not very successfully at.  I have kicked that around a bit.  It shook me up but I have landed on my feet.

This weekend I will be hitting the trails again applying my speed work to real life.  I am looking forward to an eleven mile run on Saturday morning.

Happy feet and happy trails will make this an awesome weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!!!