It is time say good bye and thank you.  It is sad but very necessary.  Many miles.  Many memories.  Many tears.  Many laughs.  After Saturday’s half marathon, I am retiring these lovely shoes.

As you can tell they are coated with dirt from the trail.  They served me well in Paris, on daily runs, and then again on Saturday.  I cannot wait to start breaking in the new ones!

Waking up this morning I was charged.  Knowing my next race is just two months away in lovely Karlsruhe, Germany and is a flat course!!!!!!, I begin my training again.  This time it is all about time.

I love having a goal.  I guess I should not say I am beginning my training again.  It it is more like improving myself.  Each day I work out, it is a present to myself.  It might not be pretty but it is precious.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Get ready for some mango cheesecake tomorrow!