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After my wonderful hubby finished his first half marathon he said it was a very humbling experience.

Well, after my first trail race I am going to say it was a very humiliating experience.  It was the ultimate mind over matter game I have ever played.

First off, I finished.  Amazingly, I was not even last.  Secondly, time.  I did not meet my goal that I set for myself.  After reflecting on the race, I am slowly becoming okay with that.

I had heard about the trail over the last couple of weeks.  I stepped up my hill training.  I am now realizing that my definition of trails and the true definition are not the same!

The trail I ran on Saturday morning was narrow at times, uphill, and filled with rocks and tree branches. Not to mention heat.

The first 9 miles was actually fun!  I was mentally prepared for the hills.  And I thought jumping over the rocks and the branches was great.  Then mile 9 appeared.  Silly me.  I was thinking what comes up, must go down.  Not necessarily.  At mile 9 I turned a corner and saw another upward hill.  I was thinking really. Then I tossed my breakfast. Lovely!  Never did that before in a race.  I had a couple of runners stop and ask if I was ok.  I felt bad because I did not want to hold anyone up.  Honestly, it made me angry.  But I sucked it up and carried on.

Mile 9 to mile 12.5 was more of a wog than running.  I guess after nine miles of doing uphill my body said enough.  I would not stop because I knew I would not start again.

Happiness!  Mile 12 marker.  I was great, almost over and the rest will be a breeze.  Not so fast.  After celebrating at the sight of the sign, I turned the corner and saw another hill.  Except this time I could not see the top.  I will not share what I said….

The best sight of the day was of course the finish line and Hubby standing there with a smile on his face. He of course finished before me.

The  trail won this race.  It kicked my butt.  I was angry when I crossed the line.  I was angry at myself for losing the mental game.

On the way home I became even angrier because I was forgetting why I ran this race.



This was the shirt we got for running.  These are a list of names of soldiers, marines, and civilians that have been killed from this community since 9/11.  People were able to turn in names of who they were running for.  At the opening ceremony they did a role call followed by taps.  It was a very moving experience.

Considering this, my anger subsided.  The reality  and the importance of the morning filtered in.  That trail will be ran next year and I will be on it, but the day was to honor and to celebrate these brave men and women.

I am happy that I finished the race.  I am happy that I was able to participate.  However, I  am honored that I was able to be involved in a event that celebrates our military.