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Tomorrow is the day!  I think I will be needing the above attire.  It is forecasted to be ‘warm’.  I have ‘heard’ about the trail. It is not straight or flat.  I am ready.  Music organized.  Lightweight outfit selected.  Time goal cemented on the brain. Enjoyment factor is in full gear.

It is extra special because this will be a family affair.  Hubby is running the half marathon with me and Amazing Daughter is running the 5k.  Hubby and Amazing Daughter will probably be able to finish and have lunch before I cross the finish line!  No matter, it will be crossed.

I will be thinking about the reason why this race is being sponsored as I am running.  A silence thank you will be said to all of those brave American men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  What a honor it will be.

Hoping you enjoy your Saturday as much as I will!