I am not one that enjoys being taken care of.  I am a independent person.

However, there is one treat that I love being pampered for.  Hair.  I have been blessed and cursed with a head of thick locks.  My hubby calls  my getting ready to go anywhere ‘the process’ because it takes a long time.

Today is what I call a special day.  These days NOTHING will stop me from enjoying  my time in that chair.  I am a girl after all.  I will gladly let someone else take on the task of doing my hair today.  The sad thing is it will be amazing better than I will ever be able to do it.  But that is okay.  There is just something about getting your hair done.  The feeling that you have as you walk out of the salon is marvelous.  The smile on your face is bigger. There is spring in your step.  You are ready to take on the world!

Aw….. the simple pleasures of life.

I cannot wait!