Happy Birthday me!

Yep, four days after all the fireworks go off each year I have the privilege of celebrating another year.  Not too bad!

I am not one for looking back.  I like to take the moment to savor the present and then look ahead.  A very good friend of mine said at each birthday they ask themselves three questions.

1.  How are my relationships?

2.  How is my career going?

3.  How is my health?

Three very valid questions.   So here are my answers!

1.  My relationships are amazing!  I value my hubby more and more every single day, if that is possible.  I am so enriched for having married the man.  Secondly, I am being so blessed this summer by having Amazing Daughter here working before she heads to grad school.  She is such a fabulous person.  Friends are a wonderful thing.  So, #1 is a check!

2. This is an easy one.  I get to work and live in Europe.  What is not to love?

3. I treasure my health everyday, by working out and eating well.  I live to challenge myself.

I guess with those responses, I am doing pretty darn good!

So here is to another year of creating memories and living in the moment.

Stay for tuned the next couple of days!  I will be sharing with you so off the beautiful sites of our mini vacation in Garmisch, Germany!

Until then, Happy Monday!