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Amazing Daughter has been telling about this show for a couple of years.  I did not want to get ‘involved’ in another show.  However, Amazing Daughter is one persistant gal.  She said just watch one show.  This past weekend I was hooked.  Hooked, line and I was so sunk.   What was the show you are wondering?  I know that you will be shocked.  Yes, I am now INVOLVED with Downton Abbey.  Oh My Goodness it is amazing.  The writing, the acting, the location, and of course the Englishness of it!

I spent the weekend in a Crawley trance.  I have watched all seasons.  I’m ready for season 4.  I want a dress with  20s flair.  I want to marry Carson.  I want to slap the actor that played Matthew.  I truly want a pair of long gloves.  Sigh….

So in honor of my ‘slow’ education into the well deserved Downton Party, a top 10 list of my thoughts on this wonderful show.

10.  Matthew- WHY????????  I can understand why the British people were so upset they had to see him die on Christmas Day.

9. I’m so glad that I do not have to clean that house.  But oh, I love to look at it.  I think it is a main character in the show.  Great eye-candy!

8.  Really, Sybil????  I was so upset about her dying.  She was my 2nd favorite Crawley.  She had so much life.  She made you really think about the time period and what women did or did not do.  Sad….

7. The actress that plays Mary Crawley has her down.  You really want to cheer for her but she can be such a little snot.  I love it!

6. Talking about delicious evilness, I love when O’Brien or Thomas are in a scene.

5. Man, that is a lot of glasses at their dinners.  I would need a flow chart just to know which one to use!

4. I keep picturing Elizabeth McGovern as she was in Ordinary People.

3.  Can Mrs. Patmore and Daisy run my kitchen?

2.  Maggie Smith (my favorite Crawley).  Need I say more?????

1.  I need, no WANT Carson to run my house!

Thank you Amazing Daughter for pestering me into finally watching this show.  Cannot wait!