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I SOOOOO enjoyed my week with Jane.  Lizzy Bennett and Anne Elliot were exactly the same.  Emma was still annoying.  Collins still can make me laugh after all of these years.

However, it is time to soldier on!  First up on the Summer To- Do list is painting.  Believe it or not I love to paint.  It is very relaxing to me.  Turn on some music and you are set.  Today it has been just touching up around the house- mostly, the kitchen.  We painted the main rooms in two days last summer when we moved in.  Time and laziness has prevented me in going back and touching up.  No more excuses!

Starting tomorrow though I will begin painting the staircase walls.  Currently there are three different shades- seafoam green, mint green and yellow.  None of them do anything for me.  In fact for the past year everytime I walk up the stairs I cringe.  I’m going to be boring and just paint them white.  Our staircase is a place I love to showcase family photos.  That is the focus.  I do not want to take away from the beautiful smiles, and the memories that we have everytime we look at them.

As I paint this week, it will be my reflection time of why Lizzy and Anne are my two favorite characters from Jane Austen….

Happy Tuesday!