I should be use to this by now.  It is a common occurance in our neck of the woods.  But for some reason it never gets easier.

Today I have to say good bye to some very dear friends as they begin their next adventure in sunny Okinawa.  A friendship that developed from our love of literature (Anne of Green Gables) but has turned into a friendship that will last a lifetime.

I know that our lives have been made better from knowing each other.

I will miss the serenity that Vicky brings to life.   If someone can see the good in any situation, it is her.  I will miss our Friday teas where teas was just the vehicle for us to chat about professional and personal stuff!  I will miss our traveling adventures.

I will miss the laughs that Joe brings to any room he enters.  He will dance along any street and knows how to enjoy the simply pleasures of life.

They are just good people!

In an organization that transition is a very common thing, moving around should not come as a shock.  However, we get comfortable in our lives,  gather friends around that understand and live  the same treasures and issues.  It is a bond that living and working overseas that we all seek.  Commonality.  Oh, we have a wonderful life.  No doubt about that.

So as Joe and Vicky say good bye to Germany and head to the states for some time with their beautiful girls before heading to Okinawa, I will just treasure the memories of Istanbul, wine fest, dinners, being office mates, and long chats about children, families, and Texas.

Auf Wiedersehen my dear, dear friends.