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Upon leaving the gym one day late May I saw an advertisement for a Wounded Warrior 5k in July in the area.  Great!  I thought.  I have been wanting to run one for a while.

I talked to a friend of mine at work about a week ago concerning it.  She was telling me that they are also sponsoring a half marathon.  My eyes became quite large.  I was excited!

Then the rational part of me came into play.  It is 5 weeks away… enough training time?  It is in July… hot!  The trail… hills are included.

Well last Thursday I came to a decision!  I’m doing it.  I am so focused .  It will be a challenge because of the heat and the hills.  I’m not to worried about the training time because I can now step up my running  with some cross training of weights and maybe swimming.  As for the heat, the last couple of days have reached over 95 here (no AC!).  I have running in the mornings so it has not been too bad.  It has not been easy but it has been good!  Hills are just part of the road right?  I run on some everyday on my current route.  I feel pumped.  I feel charged.

20 July is race day.  More important than my training will be the reason why I want to run this race.  It is personal.  I have been associated with the military on (mostly) and off for the past 24 years.  I have been that military wife.  I have worked with  children and adults through deployment.  Unfortunately, I have watched as families have experienced lost.  This is the reason I want to do this.  I want to salute these true heroes.  And in some small way say thank you for what you have done.

So… my next half will be sooner than I thought but it will be amazing!