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I do not know why I always do this.  Habit maybe.  But I do.

I am on break until August!  Happy dance, please!  Monday morning when Hubby got up to get ready for work, I rolled over and smiled.  Hubby was not smiling.  What a great feeling.  The alarm was not O Dark Thirty.  It was a reasonable hour of the morning. Smile.

When he left, I went for my run.  I was happy.  I would have been dancing… if I could dance.  I came back and had breakfast on my porch.  I listened to the birds sing.  Smile.

This was the day I was suppose to indulge myself in Jane Austen.  I look forward to doing so every year.  However, yesterday I played.  Amazing Daughter, who was off, and I  went into town to look around and to have lunch out an outdoor cafe.  Smile.

The weather was warm.  It was beautiful.  The sun was out.  Gentle breeze and all that.  Smile.

What an amazing first day of break.  Today after my run and shower it is all Jane.  Hope no one calls.  I will be the one on the back porch with a HUGE glass of water and Jane.

See you tomorrow…. if Jane does not take too much time!