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Happy Friday everyone!!!

This Sunday my sister, brother, sister-in-law, and niece will be running  a half marathon in Irving, Texas!!!!  Special right?

For my sister, brother, and sister-in-law this will be their first one!!!  VERY SPECIAL!  My niece  is an old pro at a very tender age after running many halves and a full!

I am so excited for all of them.  Actually, wish I was there running with them.  However, I will be there in spirit.  I will be the one that is telling them DO NOT STOP!  YOU CAN DO THIS!

The half marathon is sponsored by the Wounded Warrior foundation.  Being associated with the military, I’m in awe of this amazing group. 

So in honor of this fabulous occasion, I thought I would do a top 10 list about running a half marathon.

10.  All the people energize you!

9.  Free water along the way!

8.  Finding your zone…

7.  Challenging yourself

6.  Great music

5. Great excuse for buying running gear

4.  You get to block traffic

3.  Start Line

2.  Finish Line

1.  The sense of accomplishment

Good luck and remember YOU are having FUN!!!!!