It is Friday!!!  That is always a very good thing.

I woke with the soft sounds of rain this morning.  I was not surprised, it was expected.  In fact, it is expected all weekend.  I will not bore you with my thoughts of when will Spring/Summer actually get here…. 

As a child I was always told to stay away from the puddles.  Well, this weekend, I will not!  Running in the rain gets a bad rap!  There is nothing better than running at the same pace as the rain falling.  No music will be required.  Watching the drops stream down the leaves as you pass a tree.  On a long run, the knowledge that you will always remain ‘cool’! 

Upon completion and cool down, a warm bath will await and most definitely a cup of hot tea.  See it does not get much better than that. 

I am looking forward to my wet runs this weekend.  I will NOT be staying away from the puddles.  In fact I will make it my goal to hit every single one!  I will do so with glee and a childlike attitude. 

Happy Friday everyone!