This past week and next week I am home alone.  Hubby and Amazing Daughter are doing a road trip to the Civil War battle sites.  Can I say right now they are having a blast!!!!  What a great experience both personally and academically they are having.  To be a fly in that car….

So what am I doing?  First, I was getting over jetlag.  It only takes a day.  I was thinking about the best things about being home alone.

Thus, on this Friday at top 10 list!

The Top 10 Reasons to enjoy being alone

10. Cooking is optional

9. Getting to sleep in the middle of the bed

8.  Ultimate responsibility for the remote control

7.  Stay up all night finishing a book

6.  Cruise the internet

5.  Watch any movie you want

4.  Less laundry

3.  Freedom to rearrange things

2. House is always clean

1.  Knowing that being by yourself is only temporary!

Happy Friday everyone!