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Most people do not realize that College Station is much more than Texas A&M.  Do not get me wrong, it is a college town and very proud of it!  Amazing Daughter has spent three years in this beautiful setting.  She was able to experience a lot when it came to food!

Since it is Wednesday and that is the regular day I devote to food, I thought I would share some food experiences we had during our days in College Station last week!

First up….



Some of you might recognize this place.  It was featured on Food Network a while back. It is actually in an old dining car!!! Pretty cool.



We got there after the lunch rush.  We sat in a booth.  Amazing Daughter snapped this picture for me.  Here is the interior.  Quaint.



I thought this was pretty unique.  There is a deck  that surrounds the diner.  If the boards were uneven, they have nailed old plates down.  I enjoyed walking around and viewing the plates!

The food was amazing.  The staff was very friendly.  Amazing Daughter and I ordered veggie burgers.  Hubby had the diner special with onion rings.  We enjoyed every single bite!

After the graduation ceremony, we took family and friends out for a little touch of seafood and cajun cuisine.

Welcome to Shipwreck Grill!


I’m not a huge fan of crawfish.  I opted for the fish tacos.  They were amazing!!!!



It was casual and just a perfect place to come and relax after a morning of just WOW!!!!

I have saved the best for last.  Hubby found this place online.  We were dropping off our Amazing Daughter at college her freshman year and we were also celebrating an anniversary. It has been one of the fanciest places we have ever eaten at.  We have looked forward to going to College Station every year just so we can come and eat here!

Christopher’s World Grill…

It use to be someone’s house.  Each room is beautifully decorated in honor of a different country.  It is just breathtaking.  The last two times we have been here we have taken our Amazing Daughter to dinner with us to celebrate.  We get all dolled up and just have a wonderful time.  I did not take my camera in because I felt it would be to weird.  I know, I know.  We were there to toast this wonderful young lady and that is what we wanted to focus on.

However, I will let you know that Hubby ordered the Akaushi Beef NY Strip.  It was seared in lace bacon and cracked pepper-BBQ-red wine butter sauce and a  jalapeno-apple chutney.  Hubby did not talk for a few bites.

I had the Almond Crusted Snapper.  It was flashed marinated (not sure what that means…) then pressed in almonds.  It was sauteed and served with lemon-herb beurre blanc. WOW is all I can say.  I savored every single bite.  I wanted to kick myself for not being able to cook like that!
Amazing Daughter had the Lomito Antigua.  The grilled tenderloin was marinated in a Guatemalan style beer  with sautéed plantains.  They served it with refried black beans and corn tortillas with warm salsa butter.

We ate good that evening!

If you are ever in College Station and want to have an amazing meal, stop by any of these places!!!  You cannot go wrong.

I’m still dreaming about my snapper!

I could not end this post without showing you the Texas stop sign…



Maybe it is just a Texas thing!

Happy Wednesday!

More tomorrow….