Aw…. a day to celebrate the best job in the world!!!

I personally do not need a day.  I have valued this ‘job’ from day one!  What other job gives you tangible feedback?  The ability to see growth and creativity on a daily basis?

I have learned a lot from watching my mother.

Patience, consistency, love, compassion, and  the all important fact that everything goes with black.

Life lessons.   Oh, the importance of those….

Being a mother has been the ultimate learning experience.  Sharing joys, laughs, passions, and sorrows allows for you to look within yourself and pull the best out every single day.  Your decisions are not just for you.  You know that those eyes are upon you, watching you and learning.

I have no problem admitting my mistakes and learning from them.  Our Amazing Daughter has had plenty of opportunities to observe my ‘learning experiences’.

Being a mother is real, powerful, and not easy.  However, IT IS the best job in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day!