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This week we hit the airport to travel across the pond.

Destination:  Texas

More specifically:  Texas A&M University, College Station

We are here to witness, to celebrate, and to honor our Amazing Daughter as she graduates.  (Heart is bursting with pride…)

In honor of our travels to Texas, a top ten list!

The top 10 things I like about Texas:

10. Mexican Food!

9. Whataburger (Hubby said I had to put this in here!)

8. Blue Bell Ice Cream

7. Fields of Bluebonnets

6. Dallas Mavericks

5. Thunderstorms

4. This is where I dreamed and grew up

3. Football

2.  Texas A& M Aggies


1.  I met and married my wonderful Hubby here and this is where our Amazing Daughter was born.

What is not to love???