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If you remember, we threw a Tapas Party on Friday evening.  We had a ball!  Today I thought I would share the details about the music and wine selections!

Hubby was in charge of the playlist.  This was a trip down memory lane for him.  While his father was in the military ages ago, he was stationed in South America.  I know you are thinking what does that have to do with the party.  Through his search, he was able to relive some of the evenings with his father.  I thought that was pretty cool!

Our guests were able to experience the sounds of Nova Bosa, Bossa Nova, and Carol Saboya.  He was able to mingle those with soundtracks of Tapas music.  Why I was surprised that a genre of Tapas music is available  still makes me laugh.  I thought a couple of times Friday evening, as I was looking around that our home had the feeling of a Tapas Bar.  People sitting and standing conversing while soft music played in the background.  Hats off to Hubby!

When it came to wine, we decided to visit our favorite wine shop.  They actually sell to restaurants.   They are only opened on Thursday and Friday afternoons.  We usually swing by on our way home from work.  They are so friendly and love making suggestions.

We told them what we were doing and he smiled.  It was like a father getting ready to pat his son on the shoulder and say, there, there you have come to the right place.

Of course they asked what type of Tapas were to be served.  Then they were off.  We settled on these three…



a Rioja… of course!



This one had monastrell, syrah and tempranillo.



I laughed when they brought this one out!  A wine with Tapas in mind!  It was tempranillo.

Each one was bold, dry, full, and Spanish.  They were perfection!

It was all in the details.  I just love details!