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I am very fascinated by this man.  Yes, he was a little arrogant.  He was not good at taking no for an answer.  I love the fact that as a journalist covering the Boer War,  he took over 70 pieces of luggage.  He had all the good stuff from home to make the war zone easier.

The book- The Churchills In Love and War by Mary Lovell- expanded on the history of the entire Churchill family.  We started back in the 1600’s and worked our way up.  I needed a score card to keep up with the relationships of these people though!  WOW!  Besides spending a lot of money, they sure did explore companions outside of their marriages.  However, from reading other books on this time period, the Churchill’s were only following the times.

Winston and Clementine understood each other, respected each other, and worshiped each other.  After reading this, I wondered if he would have been the voice of truth during World War II if he did not have her support.  The letters that they wrote back and forth were their living history.  And what a history that it was.

The entire Churchill clan ran in circles of the elite in England.  They had homes in France, Italy.  They enjoy the enriching  lifestyle that money and name could buy.  Nevertheless, they served their country- both the men and the women.  The men in government, military, and in prominent vocations  that supported the growth of England.  The women worked diligently during the wars to assist all soldiers.

The Churchill’s did have an issue with money.  They enjoyed spending it.  I guess they always thought there would be more.

I enjoyed this book on the entire family.  Winston Churchill was a man before his time.  He was brilliant, self- absorbed, and  a family man.  I still have to shake my head every time I read that England voted him out of office right after the end of World War II.  Go figure.

If you love history, World War II, and the society of England you find this book enjoyable.  Fabulous pictures also!

I will end with my all time favorite quote from Mr. Churchill…

You have enemies?  Good.

That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Okay one more..

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.

An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.