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This week we have had a ‘rare’ occurence.  Well, for us anyways. 

It has caused many hours of delight, window watching and the end of hibernation.

Usually in April we slowly warm up temperature wise.  By the end of the month we should be in the mid 60s.  I guess they realized that it has been a cold dark winter and a  reward was richly deserved.

This week we have reached the mid 70s.  The sun has brighten our days.  Even the Germans have shed the sweaters and jackets for short sleeves and capri pants (bad fashion trend on men by the way…).  We have seen neighbors that we have not seen since November.   Birds are chirping in the morning.   I have not had to wear tights or pantyhose all week!!!!

Hubby and I have eaten our supper every night outside on the patio.  It has been a blessed gift.  It makes you appreciate the little things.  The budding of leaves.  The flowers  forcing their way upward.  The gentle breeze of an afternoon.  Watching little kids play.  Oh, how I have missed that. 

Of course, this weekend the temperatures will return to normal.  However, for one glorious week, we have been touched by what is coming.  We are salivating for more. 

I do have to say, with all the window watching I have done this week, my windows are dirty!!!!  I guess I know what I need to add-on my to do list this weekend….

Happy Friday!