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I am a big fan of candles.  They can set an ambiance like nothing else.  Bubble bath, glass of wine, soft music, and white candles is my heaven.  It is my treat once a week.  Heck, I will even throw in a book to make it perfect.

I  also love scented candles.  Mostly floral scents.  Food scents make me hungry….

I was walking around a store a couple of days ago looking for candles for the house.  I was  inhaling Fresh Cut Roses by Yankee Candle when this caught my eye.



As I said before, I’m not a fan of food smelling candles.  But bacon really???   I was actually scared to open it up.  Still am!  I would love to know if anyone actually purchases this.  Hubby loves bacon.  It is rare treat at our house.  Maybe I should have bought this one and then I would not have to cook it!  I just could not bring myself to open it up and smell.

Then I saw this…



By now I’m thinking, is this a joke????  I did sniff this one.  Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Am I strange (don’t answer that!) or am I missing the next big ‘thing’?  I have done that before!  I am pretty sure that these were geared towards men.  I am just having a hard time comprehending that someone would want their house to smell like bacon!  And I do not think I have every seen a man by a candle before.  I once bought a candle for Hubby’s office (Sage and Citrus) at home.  He said it smelled nice but he did not want take one to his office at work.   Me on the other hand, would have one going all day.  However, it is considered a fire hazard at work.  Go figure!

I think I will just settle for my Fresh Cut Roses and Sunflower scents.  Oh the simple things in life!