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One of the glorious things about Spring is the amount of time that you will be spending out outside.  We are very blessed to have a patio area overlooking some very picturesque hills.  In the coming months will be entertaining, and just having our meals out on the patio.

Hubby and I talked about looking for a fire pit/fire place for the patio area last summer when we moved in.  That search begins NOW!  I am a total believer that a patio is just an outside living area.  I take great care in how the furniture is arranged and what is out there.

I started cruising the internet for ideas for fire pits.  Of course I fell in love with things like…

firepit 1a

Can’t you just see yourself moving into this room from April til October?

Or this…


This one has that old world style I so love…

firepit2The openness of this area is just calling out for long evenings of great food, wine, and friends.

After I showed this pictures to Hubby and he regained is composure, we talked about what would work for our real world.  We decided on something like this…

firepit3Now the fun begins in finding one!  I will save my dream outdoor space for our forever home.

Oh, how I’m looking forward to getting our patio operational!  The fun we are about to ‘endure’!