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I was very sadden yesterday when Amazing Daughter texted me to tell me that Margaret Thatcher had passed away.   Amazing Daughter knew that I really liked her.  Respected her.

I grew up in the 80s.  Certain events- Challenger, Falkands, Reagan, big hair, shoulder pads- have stayed with me.  They are a part of who I am.

When you graduate from high school and start college you have that feeling of I can make my own way in life.  You look for people who have done so.  I was raised to think I could be independent.  I have always appreciated that.

Maybe it was my fascination with England that drew me into the icon of the Iron Lady.  I love people who can go and make a decision and not wobble.  When you do that, you always have the naysayers. I have no doubt that she knew how to play the game.  Being a fly on the wall in a conference with her would have been very eyeopening I’m sure.  She opened doors for women everywhere.  But she did so with class.

I cannot remember a photo of her without her signature pearls (which I read were a gift from her husband when she had her twins) or purse.  I remember someone coining the term ‘handbagging’ because of her.  I now wonder what she carried in that handbag.

I have read several books on her.  They are always intense, like her.  We need more women of influence to be solid, professional, and above all classy.  No matter if you liked or loathed her politics, she was a leader.

I might have to dig out my pearls today in her honor!