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I really thought this was a joke.  Someone was trying to pull my leg.

I know that Germans are all about their environment.  That is okay with me.  However, sometimes I think it can go a little on the ‘weird’ side.

Case in point.  Each Spring the Germans post signs like this…



The purpose is for us not to hit any frogs.  We are to slow down to about 30 clicks (about 18 mph) from the hours from 7 pm to 4 am on this road.  If we do hit a frog, we are fined.  No joke!  I have no idea how much.  I do not want to find out either.

That is not even the kicker, though.  When the signs come up, so does this…



What are you looking at?  I bet that is crossing your mind about now.  What you have for your viewing pleasure is a barrier, a frog fence if you will, that is put up to keep the frogs from hopping onto the road.

They take their frogs very seriously over here.

While I find this sort of (well A LOT) peculiar and funny, I’m more than positive they do not!

It is just one of those things we get use to over here!

Happy Sunday!