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YES!  Finally!!!!  One entire week of relaxing.  I’m so excited!  However, me being me, I have planned out each day.  I have even made each day into a theme.  I know I’m a dork!  Each day will begin with a nice long run.  I will throw some yoga and weights in there also.  Lots of great meals.  Lots of great recipes to try.  You guessed it, I have a cooking day!!!

I sent Hubby to get some wine for the week.  He came back with 13 bottles.  I just looked at him.  He just shrugged.  I told him we had enough wine for the next month!  (I will not admit it to him… he did a great job with his shopping!)   His response was basically good that saved him a trip.  Men…

Even though this beautiful week is starting off overcast, I choose to remain upbeat.  I plan on throwing on a springy cardi and heading out to the market for the week’s fruit and veggies.  Hoping that my flower lady is there also.  I’m thinking tulips again.

Aw… the joys of the beginning of a vacation!

Here is hoping that you have a wonderful Saturday!