So it has arrived.  It is a doubly special day today.  It is of course Friday but it is also the start of my Spring Break.

I have always thought of Spring Break as a pregnant pause before the end.  Kind of like being at the top of a rollercoaster before heading downward.  Like the beauty of the flowers before they start wilting…

I do plan on enjoying every single moment of the coming days.  We had planned on spending a wonderful week in beautiful Tuscany.  However, due to some unexpected work related events, that trip will remain a dream until late summer.  I will admit I was a little (code for A LOT) bummed about it awhile ago.  So goes life!

The week will be filled with long runs, easy evenings, and day trips around the area.  I will be taking you along with me as I embark on getting to know the area in which we are so incredibly blessed to live in.

So happy Friday to you!  Ah…