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Every Tuesday afternoon I’m on this.  It seems so innocent.  It seems so easy.  It is my friend.  It is my enemy.  It is my challenge.

I love cranking up that red knob to the tightest tension.  It might be thinking, take that.  I, on the other hand, am smiling.  Thinking, bring it.

I have only been attending my spin class since September.  My question to myself is why haven’t I every tried this before.  It was my step out of my comfort zone.

I have to admit that I’m the crazy one that wakes up every Tuesday with great anticipation for the afternoon.  I cannot wait to sit down on this.  I cannot wait to crank up the mind and challenge myself.

This past Tuesday when our instructor told us to stand and surge on a heavy hill and Bon Jovi was singing It’s My Life, I was actually laughing.  This machine is just that, a machine.  I, on the other hand, am riding on to the finish line!

I can not wait until next Tuesday!  Machine- 0  This Woman- 1