I have the pleasure of working with the schools.  If you want to be ‘entertained’, this is the place to be!

Recently I was asked by a student, “Do I have to grow up?”  Boy, that was a loaded question….

I put on my professional face and explained that unfortunately, your body is going to grow up no matter what.  His response was, yea mom says you grow out also.  I could not argue with that.

Next I explained that when you grow up you get to do a lot of different things.  I mentioned that you have ownership of the remote control, eat anytime you wanted, and read a lot of great books.  Of course he had a response to that.  He told me that if he hides the remote control from his dad it is his.  Great problem solving skills.

Now I was really getting into how to relate that growing up was going to happen no matter what and that basically, get ready.  He asked me another question.  “When you grow up, do you really have to eat spinach?” I turned to him and asked him what did he think it meant to be a grown up.  He looked at me like, “Really woman, don’t you know?”  Then with his fingers numbered off…

1.  Eating spinach

2.  Putting the toliet seat down

3. No more legos

4. Playing nice in soccer

5.  Not kicking your sister

6. Cleaning up more than your floor

7. Reading the newspaper

8. Having to wear shirts with buttons

Well, that just sums it up….  I told him that was a mighty big list to think about.  We talked about time and birthdays.  We decided that he could tackle one thing at a time.  He never agreed to address spinach and his sister though.

Now don’t you wish you could do what I do?????