We are a little backwards in our thinking…  and we are more than okay with that!

We do not have cable.  We do have a tv but we can only watch movies. 

Let me explain.  When we moved back to Germany over 10 years ago, we made a family decision that we did not want the ability to watch tv.  We have had the same tv for oh, about 15 years.  It is one of those heavy bulky things.  We figured if it isn’t broke…. 

I remember living in the states and being ‘tied’ to the tv because I did not want to miss something.  We really thought the decision we made was going to be difficult.  It really has not been. We still stay informed.  We do have the internet.  We do have iTunes to watch our few (3) ‘favorite’ shows but it is mostly for downloading music.  But that is it.  And yet, our life is complete. 

We realize that most people balk at the thought.  People here want to know why.  I always turn it around and ask why do you?

When we are in the states, watching tv creates a headache.  For example, watching the news shows and all the ‘added’ stuff to the screen makes my head spin.  When did they start doing that???  I will admit that I love watching HGTV to view House Hunters. 

Having a tv in a restaurant is bothersome to me.  You are there to enjoy the food and to converse with the people who you are with.  This is a choice that we made.  It has worked for us.  We have discovered beautiful music, page turning books, each other, and the pleasures of the outdoors.  It was not a sacrifice. 

Backwards is some eyes, but freeing to us.  Could you do it?  Better question would be, do you want to????