We are back to it again this weekend.  Not in the same devotion and fashion as last weekend.  Our goals are smaller and our time is shorter.  It is Easter afterall! 

Hubby spent yesterday in the yard getting rid of dead stuff.  Surveying the beds and making plans.  I know that his head is just spinning.  He is making his list of the things we need to do in the future to get the yard enjoyable! 

I spent a small part of the day doing the bathrooms.  Joy.  I will admit that bathrooms are my least favorite thing to clean.  They just gross me out.  On the other hand, I have to have a clean bathroom.  If it is not, then I’m grossed out!  I have a lot of hair.  Just blowdrying it and knowing that at least a thousand strands of hair will be on the ground is well…. you guessed it gross.  I’m just strange that way!

Getting in the ‘powder’ rooms was something I do not look forward to.  I sucked it up, put on my big girl panties and marched in.  Every nook and cranny is sparkling.  Every countertop and drawer is fresh.  Now I will be fretting every time we have to use them!  I realized that I have to ‘Spring clean’ the bathrooms every single week.  What a dilemma!

Today, is a day to reflect on other things.  Hope you enjoy this special day!