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It really looks we are turning the corner here!  The snow is melting.  The grass is green.  The trees are beginning to get dressed.  I grew up in South Texas.  Four seasons were not very common.  I still delight in each gift of a new season. 

The freshness is surrounding me.  I’m eager to embrace it.  As I daydream about the future days, I cannot help but think of the presents that await.

Imagine if you will a field of flowers just dancing in the breeze.  Better yet imagine the joy of walking through it with a basket and pair of scissors! You really are able to literally take time to smell the flowers. One of my favorite things about  Spring is the ability to go and cut your own flowers.  Of course you have to pay.  However, you are trusted enough to just drop your money in a can.  I love adding this to my ‘to-do’ list on Saturday’s. It is still amazing to me that adding a vase of flowers to a room, no matter the size, can greatly invite happy to come in.

With the warmer temperatures, the woods are thawing out and trails are more usable!  There is nothing better than taking a hike through the Black Forest.  The routes you have available and the time you are away from things brings you  a new perspective.  I’m thinking I now need to go and check on my hiking boots….

Hubby’s favorite Spring and Summer activity is to hit the biergartens.  Sitting outside with a group of people enjoying an adult beverage is fabulous!  The ease you have just sipping and chatting.  About a mile from our house is a biergarten trail.  We walked it last Summer when we first moved in.  I can almost guarantee that we will make that trek several times in the coming months!

I am about to replace my thick sweaters and blazers/jackets with those wonderful light cardigans.  Stripes, floral, solid, soft, loud, or muted.  It does not matter!  They are all lovely.  Aww….   Just the thought is sending goose bumps up and down!!  Am I the only one that gets excited at the thought of that?

Lastly, the idea of just throwing on a pair of running shorts, shirt, and shoes is so liberating.  I get to dispense with layering my running ‘outfit’.  No gloves.  No hat.  No neck warmer or scarf.  Just light and airy attire.  Another Aww….  However, I do think this year I’m going to look for a pair of sunglasses that I can run in.

Spring.  It has been awhile.  You do not even have to knock.  Our door is wide open to you!