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A couple of years ago, I balked at those two words.  When you have kids you are running around with them.  When Amazing Daughter went to college our lives changed.  Of course we became college parents, empty nesters.  The first weekend we were back after dropping her off, we sat there and just looked at each other.  We did not have a volleyball, basketball or soccer game or tournament to attend.  We were not coordinating our weekend plans with hers. 

Odd, we thought this new life was.  However, after the third weekend we were planning and doing.  Loved it!!!! 

I do miss the sports events.  But now we have time on our hands.  We are masters at making the most out of our time.  We work hard during the week.  When Friday evening rolls around, we shed those thoughts, that routine for one that is slower paced (sometimes), and make the most of every single minute.  Making the most might be sitting on my sofa reading a book but it is my time.

Having this free time has us discovering things we like to do.  We are in better shape physically than we have been in a long while.  I am learning to be adventurous as I cook.  I am really enjoying decorating. 

Now that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, hiking and biking will be added to our weekends and free time.  YEA!

Free time, is something that is sacred.  It should be personal.  It should be appealing! 

What do you like to do in your free time?